Head of Nefertiti. H: 30 cm

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High quality reproduction made of reconstituted marble (marble powder and Cronolita). Aging patina with natural lands.

Queen Nefertiti. XVIII Dynasty, Museum of Berlin. Wife of Akhenaton. Polychrome head from Tell-El Amarna, 0.50 meters high. XVIII dynasty. Berlin Museum. The universality of its fame is not alien to the modernity of its factions, the swan Neck, the cheekbones and the provocative chin. No less present are the makeup of the eyes, the lipstick, the smoothness of the complexion. Found by Borchardt in 1912, it was a model made by the sculptor Tutmés for other portraits of the Queen, and perhaps for being that its only end, never had put the left eye. In addition to their necklaces of willow leaves, the Queen looks like a model of blue Crown expressly designed for her, which wore the prótomo of the oreus highlighted on the forehead.

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