Bas-relief Akhenaten. 56x43x3cm.

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Reproduction made of resin marble (marble dust + resin). 

The piece reproduced is a bas-relief of the Pharaoh Akhenaton, inspired by the engravings of the Chair found in the tomb of Tutankamom in the ancient Egypt.
Akhenaten was called in principle Amenhotep IV but changed his name to Akhenaten po which means 'Horizon of Aten', was the tenth dynasty Pharaoh of Egypt 18th.His reign is dated around 1353 - 1336 b.c. and belongs to the period called the newKingdom of Egypt. It is famous for converting the God ATEN in the unique deity of the official State cult, to the detriment of, up to the moment, predominantly cult to Amon.

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