Plato bust with column. Height: 132 cm

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Set consisting of a sculpture of Plato and an Ionic column-pedestal made of molded marble.

Plato bust measures: Width: 22cm. Depth: 18cm Height: 37cm

Measurements column: Height: 95cm; Surface: 19x22cm Diameter of the Fuste: 17 cm.

The bust of Plato that we reproduce is a sculpture dating from the fourth century BC. C. and is a Roman copy of a Greek original. It is located in the Pio-Clementine Museum of the Vatican.

Plato was one of the main philosophers of Greece. He lived from 427 to 347 B.C. He was a disciple of Socrates and teacher of Aristotle. His influence has come through the centuries with great force to this day.

Plato's philosophy can be identified as the philosophy of Unity. A philosophy that inspires a model of human fulfillment: seeking truth, doing good, promoting justice and creating beauty.


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Ionic column. Height: 95x19x22cm
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Bust of Plato. Marble. 37 cm
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