Head of Bacchus (Dionysus). Height: 25cm

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Head made in reconstituted marble (marble dust + synthetic resin) with a carved marble finish, supported by a golden iron foot over a wooden base, which enhances the elegance of the piece. Patina of aging with natural earth. Reproduction and recreation inspired in ancient models.

Head of Bacchus.

Son of the beautiful Semele and Zeus, Dionysus (Bacchus in Rome) are according to Herodotus one of the last gods who joined the Greek Olympus. He is the inspirator of dithyramb and music, also encourages the festivities in which the origins are the satirical drama, comedy and tragedy. In its relation with the wine as sacred beverage, Dionysus is the god of enthusiasm, who reflecting the process of the life-cycle, the rebirth after death. First he was represented manly, bearded with Asian influence, but since Praxiteles, he changes to a Doncel or Adonis, as shown in this Roman copy.

Dimensions of reproduction: Height: 20 cm Width: 15 cm

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