Sculpture Victory of Samothrace 300x106x98cm

Sculpture Victory of Samothrace 300x106x98cm

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Reproduction of a figure of high quality made in reconstituted marble (marble dust with resin). The patina of aging is applied with natural lands. Marble and stone textures.

Sculpture perfectly prepared for the decoration of outdoor, like gardens and terraces as well for indoor.

The stone texture suggest us that we are feeling an ancient original sculpture.

Perfectly prepared for the decoration of outdoor and indoor.

Total width... 1,70 mt. (from end-to-end of the wings once mounted)
Total Fund. 1.75 mt (from end of the wing, including the base.
Height-3 mt.
Weight-300 kg.


Width, 1.06 cm .

Background- 96 cm.

Height. 25 cm.

The winged victory of Samothrace, also known as victory of Samothrace and Nike of Samothrace, is a sculpture in the round bulge in the Rhodian School of the Hellenistic period. It is in the Louvre, Paris. Greek statue is called Nikí tis Samothrakis.

The original sculpture was developed in marble around 190 BC comes from the sanctuary of the Cabeiri at Samothrace. Some experts attribute it with some probability Pithókritos of Rhodes. It was discovered in 1863 on the island of Samothrace (Samothraki, in Greek) by the French Consul Charles Champoiseau, an amateur archaeologist.

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