Relief Greek frieze "Fauns and bacchae dancing". 59x31cm

Relief Greek frieze "Fauns and bacchae dancing". 59x31cm

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High quality Reproduction made of reconstituted marble (marble powder and Cronolita). Aging patina with natural stones.

Relief of a Greek frieze "Fauns and bacchae dancing".

The highlights presented here shows, carved in flat relief, two fauns and a bacchante dancing. This takes the nebrida, or fine tunic whose folds up agitated, and plays the aulos or double flute. Fauns are the skin of Lynx property; one of them carries a mirror; and the other the tirso (vara Scepter resembling a torch-shaped), and a pitcher. In the Center we see a Leopard, fiera on which the Bacchae exercised domain. In the baquicos courtship, is also frequent the emergence of satyrs, silenos, kids parties by half, grape leaves, bunches of grape, etc.
Greco roman culture, 3rd - 1st BC. Original in polychrome terracotta.

The Louvre MuseumParis

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