Figure Asclepius of Epidaurus. 22cm

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Reproduction made ​​in reconstituted marble (marble powder with resin) with an aged surface by the application of natural earth.

Figure of unique beauty ideal for decoration or as an excellent gift. The piece, that we offer has a special elegance and delicacy, which it expressed with their lines.

Measures: Height: 22cm

A reproduction of the Statue of Asclepius, which was found in the sanctuary of Epidaurus. The original is in the National Archaeological Museum, Athens.
"The Epidaurus, Sanctuary of Asclepius" was a sanctuary built in honor of Asclepius, it was one of the most important sanctuary of Asclepius in ancient Greece. The sanctuary of Asclepius were called Asclepeion. In the ancient Greece a Asclepeion was a healing temple.

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