Figure of Cupid on centaur. 23x14x5cm

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Figure in resin of high density and of an extraordinary quality with aged patina made with natural earth. Decorative elements of great beauty and detail. Gods, heroes and mythological themes from antiquity. Greece, Rome, Neoclassicism, Art Deco. A great offer of extraordinary quality.

Figure in resin. Reproductions of universal art made with great detail.

Cupid riding a centaur is a piece of the first century after Christ, which is located in the museum of the Louvre.
The Centaur of Borghese is one of the most beautiful representations of these mythological characters. The centaur with his hands tied behind his back, carrying on his back a cupid, to that turns his head, and who tries to harass his tail. The expression of pain of this figure offer some resemblance to the Laocoon. Cupid has the arms outstretched, as if he were holding a whip and is leaning to the right side, making that her triumphant look meets the martyred centaur. In the face of the original piece it can be found the little tuft of hair that characterizes the followers of Bacchus.

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