Frieze of the Parthenon in Athens. 77x25 cm

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Reproduction of a relief made in reconstituted marble (resin + marble dust). Reproduction inspired in an ancient piece of a museumThe patina of aging is applied with natural earth and waxes. 

Fragment of the Frieze of the Parthenon of Athens on a basis.

Measurements: Length: 77 cm; Total height: 25 cm; 

Parthenon of Athens, 447-438 BC. City of Athens, Greece. The Parthenon, the abode of the virgin goddess of Athens, is undoubtedly the most finished and representative work of classical Greece. It is the temple consecrated to Athena, the protective goddess of the city of Athens. The frieze surrounding the colonnade wall is 160 m long by 1 m high. It depicts the procession of the Panatheneas, which every four years headed to the Acropolis to cover the statue of Athena of the peplo, with the work that four maidens of the aristocracy, the arréplas, had embroidered for the Goddess. The procession progresses, turning the temple counterclockwise, called "the panatheneas". It seems to be the work of the disciples of Fidias, in their different statues different styles are highlighted.

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