Rhodes Lamp. Amphora cultivated under the sea. H25cm

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Lamp base made with replicas of Roman, Phoenician and Greek amphoras with fossil of marine vegetation. It reproduces with great fidelity the amphora found in the shipwrecks. Ceramic pieces aged under the sea for two years.

The amphorae acquire a natural coverage of marine flora and fauna, giving it an appearance that is more than 2000 years old. Each piece is unique and unrepeatable accompanied by a numbered certificate.

Amphora Rhodes:

Lamp Base: "Rhodes Amphora" with electrical installation.

Measurements: Base height: 25 cm; Larger diameter: 13 cm 

Iron stand is included. Lamp shade is not included.

Recommended lampshades: Small Lamp shade of Linen or Small Lamp shade Net fabric.

Small scale replica of a Dressel 8 type amphora with production dating back to the 1st and 2nd century AD, up to the Flavian period. They were produced in the potteries on the Bética coast, in the current provinces of Cadiz, Huelva and Malaga. They were used widely in Italy, in the westernmost Roman provinces and on the north African coast. They were used to contain fish products, according to the Tituli Picti of found amphorae.

Elaboration processÁnforas Romanas , Fenicias y Griegas - Fieles reproducciones de ánforas de naufragios

Certified and exclusive amphorae: Since each is a unique piece, each piece indolent a certificated number with a plaque that certifies their origin and a parchment with historical information about this amphora model.


No care or special products are required for preservation and cleaning. They can be cleaned only with water, spraying it and letting the part dry on its own. If you want more shine you can give it sunflower oil with a brush.

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