Bronze lamp with Jupiter (Zeus). 30cm

Bronze lamp with Jupiter (Zeus). 30cm

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Reproduction of an oil lamp made of cast bronze with lost wax.
The lamp is ready to be used.
Measurements: Height 30cm x width 30cm x depth 30cm.

This wonderful 4-wick lamp is magnificently decorated with 4 lions and the figure of the God Jupiter (Greek Zeus) on its throne, as part of the lid.

It is a reproduction of a Roman lamp that could have adorned a manor house in Pompeii.

Although electric lighting today covers our needs, we have to recognize the beautiful atmosphere that is created in a room when it is illuminated by the fire with an oil lamp. The size of this lamp gives an important and comfortable light intensity. We suggest the experience of reading in the light of this lamp some fragments of the book of "Meditations" by Marco Aurelio, while we are surrounded by a soft music of some baroque adagio ... that enjoy it.

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