Clipper. 53x44x12cm

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Models of ancient and yacht boats of era.

Boats made of quality materials, wood and textiles. Great precision and care details.

FULLY ASSEMBLED MODEL. The models of the boats are completely assembled ready for decoration.

A clipper a boat sailing aparecida in the 19th century, elongated and narrow, of three or more masts, forms and characterized by its high speed. The cliperes were the navigation swan song sailing before the harassment of mechanically propelled vessels.

The Clipper completely changed the concepts of naval design. In the Decade of the 30s of the 19th century, appeared an attempt to produce a boat which was fast despite being moved by the wind in Scotland. The secret was a radical redesign of the hull, which would happen in a panzuda way to accommodate the load, a slim shape, making ships more long and narrow rather than short and wide. Scottish Maid, a schooner launched in Aberdeen in 1839, is commonly considered as the mother of the cliperes (or clippers), whose maximum expression were large vessels built in the third quarter of the 19th century for the so-called «career of tea». Their ability to travel thousands of miles without having to make stops to recharge coal, granted some competitive advantage over the steam boat that made them ideal for the races of speculation by transporting cargoes of tea from the coasts of the Indian Ocean to the ports of Great Britain in the shortest possible time. This allowed that they survived practically until the 20th century. The opening of the Suez canal in 1869, shortening to less than half the journey London-Shanghai, meant the loss of the advantage of the cliperes with respect to the steamships, which abocaría them to an end.

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