Bas-relief. Water Serpents by Klimt. 128x49cm

Bas-relief. Water Serpents by Klimt. 128x49cm

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Decorative relief made entirely by hand in Alabaster by an excellent artist.

Relief with oil polychrome and patina of aging. Details gilded with gold leaf.

Impressive finish with an elegant design and very elaborate details.

Polychromed bas-relief inspired in the work of Gustav Klimt, "Water Serpents II".

Measures of the relief: Height: 49cm; Width: 128cm; Depth: 4cm.

Weight of the relief: 19kg

Klilmt shows the woman in their work as a sexual object. They are excite the fantasies of man in these exhibitions and not those of the woman. In only few works of Kilmt appear the men, and when they appear they are under the threat of the woman. This picture is located in the Austrian Gallery of Vienna.


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