Perseus and Pegasus with the head of Medusa. 43cm

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Reproduction of a sculpture of Perseus with Pegasus after cutting the head of Medusa. Neoclassic style.
Great quality antique bronze patina finish
Decorative figure made of resin with bronze finish. Great quality piece and an outstanding finish.
Not suitable for outdoors.
Measures: 43x33x18cm

Additional information about the character:

Pegasus was born from the spray of blood that flowed when Perseus cut off Medusa head. This was one of the three Gorgon sisters: the others were Stheno and Euryale. He is usually depicted in black or white and has two wings that allow him to fly. A feature of your flight is that when it is done, move the legs as if you were actually running through the air.
According to the classical sources, Perseus did not fly mounted on Pegasus, since he did so thanks to a pair of winged sandals; However, many Renaissance artists represented it flying in this horse.

Decorative figure made in plaster finished in bronzefinished in bronze. Piece made in a special gypsum and iron oxide

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