Bas-relief. Heavens and Earth. 87x60x4cm

Bas-relief. Heavens and Earth. 87x60x4cm

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Title: The Creation of the Heavens and the Earth

Decorative polychrome relief realized in reconstituted marble (marble dust agglutinated with cronolite) with patina of aging, inspired in the universal art.

Relief mounted on a wood frame.

The measures includes the frame.

Inspired relief of the Greenfield Papyrus, twenty-first dynasty, Egypt. The goddess Nut, was the often represented as a naked woman with body arched Vault clad stars, blue mode. Sometimes as a cow (Mehet-Urt) or about her husband, Geb (Earth) and his father Shu (air and light) trying to separate them (graphical representation of the myth). His legs symbolize the four pillars on which rests the sky.

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