Figure of an Octahedron of wood. 23x23cm

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Octahedron. A Platonic figure of 8 triangles.

Geometric model of the Air element. One of the Platonic solids.

Made in aged wood to give it the appearance like it came directly from the workshop of Leonardo da Vinci of the fifteenth century.

Platonic_solidsPlato postulates the creation of the universe on the basis of 5 geometric elements. The 5 regular polyhedrons, which corresponds with the elements. They are also called Platonic bodies, cosmic bodies, Pythagorean solids, solid perfect, polyhedra of Plato.

The Platonic solids are: The cube or hexahedron (earth), the icosahedron (water), the octahedron (air),the tetrahedron (fire) and the dodecahedron (ether or universe).



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