Bas-relief of Victory (Acropolis). 40x22x8cm

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Reproduction of a sculpture of the relief of victory put it. Statue of great quality in reconstituted marble (marble with resin powder). Completion of archaeological aspect.
The sculpture has a magnificent presence to be used in interior decoration. Not suitable for outdoor use.
Its texturra and finish give the appearance of an original marble statue that have spent several centuries of aging. Forms perfectly reproduce the lines and original proportions.
Information hitorica and artistic:
"They put victory" of the Temple of Athena Nike in Athens.
Originally located in the Temple of Athena Nike, built by Callicrates in commemoration of the victory of the Greeks over the Persians.
The bastion was is Nike descalnzandose (Museum of the Acropolis). Is trta of one of the most beautiful reliefs Greeks

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