Brass Pocket Compass, 12x45Ømm

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Reproduction in current materials of ancient instruments that are part of the cultural and scientific heritage because of their scientific, historical and aesthetic value.

The instrument is accompanied by a documentation with description in which their use is explained in detail.

It is a fundamental tool for the development of navigation and of the geographical knowledge (XVI century).
These models are not a reproduction, they are a replication but their aesthetic development based on documents and maps from this period (most important historical high point of the XVI century by these instruments). The decorations of the gimbal compass and especially by the magnetic compass (simple compass) come from cards that are located in the Archives of India, Seville.
The sea or gimbaled compass (name of the mechanical system) makes it possible that the plate of the compass always remains in horizontal position, in spite of the swaying of the boat, to facilitate the reading.
The sun compass also includes a sundial, whose reading is simplified with the orientation.
Nautical wood and brass have a compass rose (it shows all directions).

Pocket compass (on brass filigree case).
Brass, plastic glass over magnetic compass, silk cord.
Box size:    width: 9,5cm x lenght 9,5cm x height 3,0cm. Total weight: 95gr

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