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Our Roman writing boards are handmade with natural beech wood and filled with natural wax. 

The set includes two wax boards and a steel punch. 

Measurements of each board: 14 x 9 cm 

The wax board (in Latin: tabula cerata) was a rectangular wooden tablet, covered with beeswax. In roman times, these tablets served official and private correspondence. They were used for the annotation of non-durable records, such as accounts, letters, and notes. Texts could be corrected or revised at any time.

Education in Roman times would be unthinkable without them. Waxed boards of this type were used until the Middle Ages and were used with a stylus or Style (Latin pencil).

Curiosity: The term "Tabula rasa" comes from cleaning the wax of the board, with the flat or "roma" part of the stylus.

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