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10 benefits of Beauty in art

10_Benefits_of_beuty_in_art The experience of beauty is at the same time biological, emotional, intellectual, moral and aesthetic. It is an essential ingredient in the coveted art of living.
1- Beauty is harmony and therefore health and life in the face of what destroys us and makes us ill. Beauty, whether in nature or in human creation, as an expression of harmony (unity in diversity), favors everything that unites, creating life in the face of death, health in the face of illness, love in the face of hatred, concord and friendship between things and beings facing the decomposition and chaos that destroy.
2- Activate optimism. The proximity of the beautiful may not make all the unpleasantness of life disappear, but it makes us think that another better world is possible.
3- Awakens the love of life. It is a stimulant that reinforces our links with the world. Beauty tells us that life is not a senseless chaos, but that it has an implicit order and meaning.
4- Reduce the sensation of pain and strengthen the immune system. The psycho-neuro-immunology has shown that the immune system is sensitive to factors such as the beauty of plastic arts and music.
5- Activate our right hemisphere, creative and symbolic, strengthening emotional intelligence.
6- It orders and rebuilds us internally. Harmonizes the mind and feelings. It allows us to forget fears and trivial problems that poison us every day. It has the power to close wounds and help us return to ourselves.
7- It activates the aesthetic sensibility expanding the wealth of nuances that we recognize and experience in our life. It gives depth to human experience and enriches our inner world
8- It inclines us towards serenity and good. The beautiful is the visible aspect of the good, says Plato. When we perceive the beautiful, it activates in us the same brain region in which valuations and moral choices take place. It impels the spirit towards noble inclinations elevating our consciousness in the building of the human psyche: from the basement to the terrace.
9- Create spaces that favor coexistence and concord. Beauty lowers the level of aggressiveness and hostility.
10- A moment of beauty stops time and defeat for instants to death.
Miguel Angel Padilla Moreno
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Sculptures in the decoration for garden and terraces

Decoracion_de_jardines_y_terrazas_con_esculturas_5It approaches the good weather and each of us begins to feel the sun and the wind free. It is the moment to begin to think about the decoration for garden and terraces.

Romantic, classic, stately, oriental, intimate decoration and many more, all these have included some important elements, such as some sculptures, nevertheless, you have to choose a good quality and consummation to create a perfect aesthetic atmosphere. You should not use cement sculptures with bad definitions and with a grotesque finish.

The classical sculptures can be good accommodate between bushes and trees, on a pedestal or on floor level, together with a swimming pool or artificial ponds, on stairs or in corners. In any environment, the sculpture can in the distance make his announcement or while passing below it can surprise us positively, in which one hides the sculpture, of a pleasant deity, in a natural fauna, or next to a reading bench under the shade of a Babylonian weeping willow which are leaning over the sculpture of an Apollo or a Venus.

During the playback of our garden is always something hidden and beautiful of ourselves.




Decoracion_de_jardines_y_terrazas_con_esculturas_4   Decoracion_de_jardines_y_terrazas_con_esculturas_6   


Decoracion_de_jardines_y_terrazas_con_esculturas_7    Decoracion_de_jardines_y_terrazas_con_esculturas_2

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Environments that integrate the classical sculptures and art objects

Leer mensaje completo: Environments that integrate the classical sculptures and art objects

Make the environment in which you are staying more time personal and tender in which you integrate classical sculptures and art objects in them.

With a little bit of imagination, we can see how the sculptures or figures that we like with other decorative elements in the house in contact come and create a suggestive and creative atmosphere.

The classical art develop in a natural way in the sensitive soul, the stability of the timeless and the permanent beauty, which is always an aesthetic reference. Therefore, Beyond the museums, can the art accompany us in our everyday life. You just have to try only, the integration of a sculpture with a bit of vegetation or lighting along with a bookcase, a desk or wall table gives us the greeting. Dare to create up a fascinating atmospheres ...



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The beauty from the villa Kerylos

Villa Kerylos is an invitation in to the ancient Greece to dive. A reproduction of the noble houses of the island of Delos of the II century BC. It was built in 1908 on the Mediterranean coast between Nice and Monaco.

It is in a real tribute to the Greek civilization realized by two lovers in the Hellenistic world, Teodhore Reinach, archaeologist and patron, and Emmanuel Pontremoli, archaeologist and architect.

Kerylos means hawk or Tern, poetic mythological animal, and how in a poetry she takes us by the hand of the imagination into a dream world ... or lived.

Villa Kerylos turns into a reference to the inspiration of the decoration and architecture which brings us close to the canon of ancient Greece to our current imagination.

To view the complete gallery of images, click on the photos:

Villa Kerylos


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Surround yourself with the power and force that exude classical sculptures, that's a good motivation to start the new year

Leer mensaje completo: Surround yourself with the power and force that exude classical sculptures, that's a good motivation to start the new year

To start the New Year with projects that enable our best qualities, is always the best way to confront our future with optimism, new energy and creativity.

In this pulse the environment in which we find ourselves after a hard day or the decorative and symbolic elements of the Halling and us motivate are very important for us. Therefore, is the maintain of the decoration in our SURROUNDINGS a form these projects and wishes to strengths. A decoration with motifs or classical and or mythological sculptures has the power and influence which defeats the time and the mood lifts.

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Balance in the Classic: proportions, beauty and inspiration in the interior design

estilo_clasico_1.jpg equilibrio_estilo_clasico.jpg

The classic style as a concept for the decoration, embodies the possibility to find inspiration and style in the interior decoration, as well as to define the culture of our origin from the Roman, Greek and Eastern.

Away from the big buildings, public plazas, palaces that fascinate us so much, permeates their essence the private, intimate and budget.

Your strength and capacity to create inspiring, cozy and resident atmospheres arises from the establishment of the equilibrium and moderation with the presence of permanents from beautiful figures at residence and their surroundings.

The inclusion of sculptures, frescoes on the walls, as well as bas-reliefs and more, cause a cozy combination that meet the needs of modern life, playing with light, charming corners that contain emotions, ideas and memories, it is part of the classical balance which creates harmony between thinking, feeling and shape.

If there is a possibility to define the balance and proportion in the classic style it would be the symphony of pleasant sounds to the ear and the soul, which enables us to relax and dream.

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