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Balance in the Classic: proportions, beauty and inspiration in the interior design

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The classic style as a concept for the decoration, embodies the possibility to find inspiration and style in the interior decoration, as well as to define the culture of our origin from the Roman, Greek and Eastern.

Away from the big buildings, public plazas, palaces that fascinate us so much, permeates their essence the private, intimate and budget.

Your strength and capacity to create inspiring, cozy and resident atmospheres arises from the establishment of the equilibrium and moderation with the presence of permanents from beautiful figures at residence and their surroundings.

The inclusion of sculptures, frescoes on the walls, as well as bas-reliefs and more, cause a cozy combination that meet the needs of modern life, playing with light, charming corners that contain emotions, ideas and memories, it is part of the classical balance which creates harmony between thinking, feeling and shape.

If there is a possibility to define the balance and proportion in the classic style it would be the symphony of pleasant sounds to the ear and the soul, which enables us to relax and dream.

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