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Photograms of the film AGORA with decoration of us


The kindness of a customer provided us with photograms of the film Agora. In these photograms are recreated idyllic environments of the Greco-Egyptian Alexandria in the early centuries of our age.

The environments that they seem like living pictures of Alma Tadema create a special atmosphere that takes us not to the past, but to a part of ourselves.

We thought interesting to note some of them photorams in where appear reproductions from our collection.


The sculpture of a Roman bust presides over the scene. This is a piece from our "Strength and Honor" but without polychrome patina.

The intimate spaces of Hypatia gather the air of the love for the Knowledge and Beauty.


In this video frame highlights two pieces of unique beauty: The Bust of Antinous and head of Dionysus with a face that transmitted a great serenity


A simple sphinx remembers the fusion between the Egyptian and Greco-Roman world that takes especially in Alexandria


The central courtyard (Impluvium) where the water melts in to the serenity of the sculptures and the beautiful frescoes on the wall, it suggests a world where knowledge, ethics and aesthetics try to merge into the humanity.




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