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Sculptures in the decoration for garden and terraces

Decoracion_de_jardines_y_terrazas_con_esculturas_5It approaches the good weather and each of us begins to feel the sun and the wind free. It is the moment to begin to think about the decoration for garden and terraces.

Romantic, classic, stately, oriental, intimate decoration and many more, all these have included some important elements, such as some sculptures, nevertheless, you have to choose a good quality and consummation to create a perfect aesthetic atmosphere. You should not use cement sculptures with bad definitions and with a grotesque finish.

The classical sculptures can be good accommodate between bushes and trees, on a pedestal or on floor level, together with a swimming pool or artificial ponds, on stairs or in corners. In any environment, the sculpture can in the distance make his announcement or while passing below it can surprise us positively, in which one hides the sculpture, of a pleasant deity, in a natural fauna, or next to a reading bench under the shade of a Babylonian weeping willow which are leaning over the sculpture of an Apollo or a Venus.

During the playback of our garden is always something hidden and beautiful of ourselves.




Decoracion_de_jardines_y_terrazas_con_esculturas_4   Decoracion_de_jardines_y_terrazas_con_esculturas_6   


Decoracion_de_jardines_y_terrazas_con_esculturas_7    Decoracion_de_jardines_y_terrazas_con_esculturas_2

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