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Thorvaldsens Museum in Copenhagen. A visit for this summer


As on other occasions, among the summer activities to include in your leisure program, from "Decorate with Art", we suggest you visit the Museum Thorvaldsens in Copenhagen, to which the author bequeathed his work.

A must, see for all those art lovers and for those who, having not yet aroused this interest, are attracted to the idea of immersing themselves in the unknown and the beautiful with a new look.

We recommend you to visit their website https://www.thorvaldsensmuseum.dk/en where you can take a tour through their photographs that will transport you to their galleries and immerse you in another time, immemorial, in which art transforms and releases the essence cloistered in the depths of our being.

Bertel Thorvaldsen, Danish sculptor of the nineteenth century (1770 - 1848), is the spirit of a time of great splendor, classical Greece, twenty three centuries later. It is his art a realistically idealized art. Everything in it is balance, his work shows the reality liberated of impurities. Thorvaldsen expresses the ideal humanity that inhabits every human being, but with astonishing and suggestive fidelity.


Emotion appears almost always contained, in an attitude of solemn scene, of indifferent estrangement. The aseptic treatment that gives to the expression of Beauty attracts attention. In his work, beauty is naked, contemplative, transcending itself. The emotion occurs in the viewer, paradoxically, before a work where beauty is shown in the refined harmony of proportions, in the measuredness of the gesture, in the ambiguity of its expression.

Highlights include the decoration of the Church of Our Lady of Copenhagen, the tomb of Pius VII in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome and the monument to Lord Byron at Trinity College, Cambridge.





  A822  A873  A874

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10 benefits of Beauty in art

10_Benefits_of_beuty_in_art The experience of beauty is at the same time biological, emotional, intellectual, moral and aesthetic. It is an essential ingredient in the coveted art of living.
1- Beauty is harmony and therefore health and life in the face of what destroys us and makes us ill. Beauty, whether in nature or in human creation, as an expression of harmony (unity in diversity), favors everything that unites, creating life in the face of death, health in the face of illness, love in the face of hatred, concord and friendship between things and beings facing the decomposition and chaos that destroy.
2- Activate optimism. The proximity of the beautiful may not make all the unpleasantness of life disappear, but it makes us think that another better world is possible.
3- Awakens the love of life. It is a stimulant that reinforces our links with the world. Beauty tells us that life is not a senseless chaos, but that it has an implicit order and meaning.
4- Reduce the sensation of pain and strengthen the immune system. The psycho-neuro-immunology has shown that the immune system is sensitive to factors such as the beauty of plastic arts and music.
5- Activate our right hemisphere, creative and symbolic, strengthening emotional intelligence.
6- It orders and rebuilds us internally. Harmonizes the mind and feelings. It allows us to forget fears and trivial problems that poison us every day. It has the power to close wounds and help us return to ourselves.
7- It activates the aesthetic sensibility expanding the wealth of nuances that we recognize and experience in our life. It gives depth to human experience and enriches our inner world
8- It inclines us towards serenity and good. The beautiful is the visible aspect of the good, says Plato. When we perceive the beautiful, it activates in us the same brain region in which valuations and moral choices take place. It impels the spirit towards noble inclinations elevating our consciousness in the building of the human psyche: from the basement to the terrace.
9- Create spaces that favor coexistence and concord. Beauty lowers the level of aggressiveness and hostility.
10- A moment of beauty stops time and defeat for instants to death.
Miguel Angel Padilla Moreno
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The Nike of Samothrace: movement and triumphal elegance

Victoria-samotracia-esculturaThe Nike of Samothrace, conserved in the Louvre Museum, it is of a precise date, it was sculpted to sound the troops of victory, and mounted on the front of a warship: this work was prepared as commemorate on the sea victory from Demetrio Piliorcetes over the fleet of Ptolomeo, in the waters from Chipre, in the year 306 Two influences dominated to that time in Greece: from Lisipo and they from the school from Scopas, to this last belongs the Nike of Samothrace. Because of the invincible zeal and the conquering energy; because of the vibration of life that was expressed in marble, because of the gaiety contrast between the agitating winding coat and the adhesion of the tunic on the body and the legs, is this statue the most beautiful expression of movement, the ancient art that has bequeathed to us. The sculptor did not only know how in the Nike of Samothrace, to transmit the muscular effort of the triumphal elegance, but also the intensity of the sea breeze, this breeze that SuUy-Prudhomme expressed by a subtle verse:

Un peu du grand zéphir qui souffle á Salamine...

Salomón Reinach (from his book APOLLO 1911)


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Sculptures in the decoration for garden and terraces

Decoracion_de_jardines_y_terrazas_con_esculturas_5It approaches the good weather and each of us begins to feel the sun and the wind free. It is the moment to begin to think about the decoration for garden and terraces.

Romantic, classic, stately, oriental, intimate decoration and many more, all these have included some important elements, such as some sculptures, nevertheless, you have to choose a good quality and consummation to create a perfect aesthetic atmosphere. You should not use cement sculptures with bad definitions and with a grotesque finish.

The classical sculptures can be good accommodate between bushes and trees, on a pedestal or on floor level, together with a swimming pool or artificial ponds, on stairs or in corners. In any environment, the sculpture can in the distance make his announcement or while passing below it can surprise us positively, in which one hides the sculpture, of a pleasant deity, in a natural fauna, or next to a reading bench under the shade of a Babylonian weeping willow which are leaning over the sculpture of an Apollo or a Venus.

During the playback of our garden is always something hidden and beautiful of ourselves.




Decoracion_de_jardines_y_terrazas_con_esculturas_4   Decoracion_de_jardines_y_terrazas_con_esculturas_6   


Decoracion_de_jardines_y_terrazas_con_esculturas_7    Decoracion_de_jardines_y_terrazas_con_esculturas_2

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Environments that integrate the classical sculptures and art objects

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Make the environment in which you are staying more time personal and tender in which you integrate classical sculptures and art objects in them.

With a little bit of imagination, we can see how the sculptures or figures that we like with other decorative elements in the house in contact come and create a suggestive and creative atmosphere.

The classical art develop in a natural way in the sensitive soul, the stability of the timeless and the permanent beauty, which is always an aesthetic reference. Therefore, Beyond the museums, can the art accompany us in our everyday life. You just have to try only, the integration of a sculpture with a bit of vegetation or lighting along with a bookcase, a desk or wall table gives us the greeting. Dare to create up a fascinating atmospheres ...



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The beauty from the villa Kerylos

Villa Kerylos is an invitation in to the ancient Greece to dive. A reproduction of the noble houses of the island of Delos of the II century BC. It was built in 1908 on the Mediterranean coast between Nice and Monaco.

It is in a real tribute to the Greek civilization realized by two lovers in the Hellenistic world, Teodhore Reinach, archaeologist and patron, and Emmanuel Pontremoli, archaeologist and architect.

Kerylos means hawk or Tern, poetic mythological animal, and how in a poetry she takes us by the hand of the imagination into a dream world ... or lived.

Villa Kerylos turns into a reference to the inspiration of the decoration and architecture which brings us close to the canon of ancient Greece to our current imagination.

To view the complete gallery of images, click on the photos:

Villa Kerylos


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The ornamental bas relief

It is hard to find elements for decoration that reflects our personality and preferences when the most of the decoration market is standardized.

However, the suggestions open that we offer in decorarconarte (Decorating with art), a world full of possibilities at the decorating to leave a special impression of us in the personal environment or work space.


So get the environment if we place a bas-relief on the wall, life and protagonism.

The ascending power of the different existing threads, Greek or Roman, Assyrian or Persian, Egyptian, Medieval bas-reliefs is able to create a very special and pleasant environment and atmosphere in the studio.

The polychrome (multi-colored) reliefs from the Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau look nice and cheerful. Special annotation have the bas-reliefs of the reproductions from the paintings of the brilliant painter Klimt.

It is a matter of the imagination but the creative and decorative possibilities of the bas-reliefs are gigantic and we encourage you to use them. Surely you will like it.




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Surround yourself with the power and force that exude classical sculptures, that's a good motivation to start the new year

Прочитать сообщение полностью: Surround yourself with the power and force that exude classical sculptures, that's a good motivation to start the new year

To start the New Year with projects that enable our best qualities, is always the best way to confront our future with optimism, new energy and creativity.

In this pulse the environment in which we find ourselves after a hard day or the decorative and symbolic elements of the Halling and us motivate are very important for us. Therefore, is the maintain of the decoration in our SURROUNDINGS a form these projects and wishes to strengths. A decoration with motifs or classical and or mythological sculptures has the power and influence which defeats the time and the mood lifts.

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Pompeya. A window to the decoration of ancient Rome.


One of the best preserved window into the past is the city of Pompeii, buried under the ashes of Vesuvius. Through its well-preserved ruins we could re-enter the everyday life of ancient Rome, their homes, their artistic and decorative styles. The murals painting which can be seen frequently together with the columns and figures of gods and mythological creatures transformed the interior space and garden in idyllic worlds.

Between our collection there are also some picturesque topics of their palaces, as well as all decorative elements in sculpture and pedestals, which can very well re give a suggestive environment. We invite you to this purpose.


Frescos-pompeya_1.jpg        Frescos-pompeya_2.JPG       fauno-pompeya_3.JPG


Fauno.jpg   decoracion-Pompeya.jpg   decoracion-Roma-antigua.jpg


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Draw the eternal



Between the most pleasurable experiences is to have drawn with the pencil or charcoal a well illuminated real sculpture. But do it while no one is consciousness from our skill or clumsiness.

Spending a few hours with no more than to have their own pleasure present, deepened, against a bust of a Greek God or the body of a Venus to reflect their lines and shadows, and the time to lose with all the attention in the work, it can be a way for the lover of beautythe to cheer the stresses of everyday life. It is worth the try.

All we preserve incredible opportunities that we can discover only by the action.


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Make a Gifts wiht classical art is different


Madonna-clasico2The one which takes about overtime, as something with a beautiful aura, transformed by their onw nature in something valuable and Prestigious, is able to touch the sensitivity from which who are attracted to the Timeless.

Our culture and this sensibility is revealed in our selections and Relations, so is the making a Gifts from classical art, the beginning of a conversation to the soul of the person you would like for his human, ethical and aesthetic.

Maybe it's not just an election we would make these days but it is a choice that differs us for our beauty and love.


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Golden proportions in sculpture and classic art


Since ancient times a general proportion is known, which can be observed in many beings and natural processes and which give instinctive be the human the sensation of beauty. This is the famous Golden number, which the Greeks used in the architecture and in the sculptures, and which returned in the Renaissance, in many masterpieces of art. This proportion is expressed be the human in harmony and in the proportions of the body. Two or more elements are in the Golden Propotionen when a harmony matches between them and the whole.

In mathematical terms is the segment A and B in the golden proportions when the value of B proportion keeps the sum of both. This proportion is the number Φ. 1.161803 ...


Away from the knowledge and involvement in the area of mathematics we talk about how the sculptures and compositions that have these proportions, an extraordinary harmony radiate that penetrates deep into us because we always see a fair balance between individual parts and the whole, this key is useful not only in the order of the habitat and its decoration, but rather to apply it in their personal lives.

Miguel Angel Padilla

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Gifts of art, gifts with history... gifts with distinction. Bronzes, sculptures, etc...


Give the present of art with history, it is an excellent gift. Bronzes, sculptures, etc...

When we meet and appreciate someone, the gift is a language that allows us to express what we feel, but it's not always easy to choose the most appropriate or what ride will touch "some fiber" of the person who receives it.

When it will presents the occasion (or created of us) to make a gift, know the likes and inclinations, their favorite travels or readings, demonstrates our interest in the person and allow us to choose with a sensitivity beyond the clichés and fads.

We humans are not all equal, but rather wonderfully different, despite the overcrowding to which we are accustomed.

Choose a art reproduction can be for sensitive to art or history person, a good success that certainly will not forget, because this type of gifts will us usually accompany all the life, together with the remembrance of those who gave it us.

The beauty always sticks in the memory and heart.


Miguel Angel


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Balance in the Classic: proportions, beauty and inspiration in the interior design

estilo_clasico_1.jpg equilibrio_estilo_clasico.jpg

The classic style as a concept for the decoration, embodies the possibility to find inspiration and style in the interior decoration, as well as to define the culture of our origin from the Roman, Greek and Eastern.

Away from the big buildings, public plazas, palaces that fascinate us so much, permeates their essence the private, intimate and budget.

Your strength and capacity to create inspiring, cozy and resident atmospheres arises from the establishment of the equilibrium and moderation with the presence of permanents from beautiful figures at residence and their surroundings.

The inclusion of sculptures, frescoes on the walls, as well as bas-reliefs and more, cause a cozy combination that meet the needs of modern life, playing with light, charming corners that contain emotions, ideas and memories, it is part of the classical balance which creates harmony between thinking, feeling and shape.

If there is a possibility to define the balance and proportion in the classic style it would be the symphony of pleasant sounds to the ear and the soul, which enables us to relax and dream.

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Laocoon and his sons

The work has the figures in a pyramidal composition. The best impression can you get of the work from the front. The work represents the human expression in its maximum pathetic shape, it was abnormal for the artists of this age to give a different expression to their works as the boldness because the boldness is the perfection of man, without the doubt, and without feelings which confuse the mind, it was by then the objective of the artists in their works to gain perfection. It is together with the Pergamon Altar (180-160 BC) one of the examples of the Hellenistic scenes sculptures.

The expression of guilt and the great dramatism of Laocoon, which makes painful contortions in agony, are shocking in this work and give the whole a unique representation. In this work, the two monstrous snakes which wrap around them in order to kill, as required by the punishment of the gods, are part of the visual composition, and their curves shaped body connecting all these characters in the work.

Big Laocoon group.


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Photograms of the film AGORA with decoration of us


The kindness of a customer provided us with photograms of the film Agora. In these photograms are recreated idyllic environments of the Greco-Egyptian Alexandria in the early centuries of our age.

The environments that they seem like living pictures of Alma Tadema create a special atmosphere that takes us not to the past, but to a part of ourselves.

We thought interesting to note some of them photorams in where appear reproductions from our collection.


The sculpture of a Roman bust presides over the scene. This is a piece from our "Strength and Honor" but without polychrome patina.

The intimate spaces of Hypatia gather the air of the love for the Knowledge and Beauty.


In this video frame highlights two pieces of unique beauty: The Bust of Antinous and head of Dionysus with a face that transmitted a great serenity


A simple sphinx remembers the fusion between the Egyptian and Greco-Roman world that takes especially in Alexandria


The central courtyard (Impluvium) where the water melts in to the serenity of the sculptures and the beautiful frescoes on the wall, it suggests a world where knowledge, ethics and aesthetics try to merge into the humanity.




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Most outstanding Videos

When we begin to incorporate in many of the pieces in the collection, videos that allow to bring closer and perceive their details, we could not imagine the wide acceptance they would have.

Through them can be better appreciate the characteristics of the pieces. In addition many of these videos are an artistic recreation, which along with the music that accompanies them, gives us some nice moments of serenity.

Our Youtube channel, specialized primarily in sculptures, already has since its beginning more than 7,000 visitors.

Between the 142 videos to date we highlight the most viewed

     Video_decorarconarte.jpg Video_Antinoo.jpg  Video_la_belleza.jpgVideo_tres_gracias.jpgVideo_Venus_de_Milo.jpg  Video_Victoria_samotracia.jpg


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The Beginnings

To begin to write this blog is the responding to the natural interest in sharing ideas, experiences, and these things that in a moment draw our attention, we like and we think that maybe there's someone else interested or motivated in it.

And also, at one time, what is now as decorarconarte.com, was born, from the personal love for art, for the secret beauty of nature and the fascinating history of the humaniti. From all this emerged the idea of ​​creating a museum of reproductions (must bereproductions to be in my reach) that gather Greece, Rome, Egypt, America, Middle East, etc. A small museum shop where the exhibits were sold.

And so was born a small establishment in Malaga who then grew up and was reaching popularity.

Since then there have been various stages, I have seen much evolve around me the world of art and decoration. Now I think every day is more important to have decorarconarte.com, it is a haven for those souls sensitive for the beautiful and they want to build a bridge between yesterday and tomorrow, bringing a touch of inspiration in this.

Miguel Angel Padilla

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