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Pompeya. A window to the decoration of ancient Rome.


One of the best preserved window into the past is the city of Pompeii, buried under the ashes of Vesuvius. Through its well-preserved ruins we could re-enter the everyday life of ancient Rome, their homes, their artistic and decorative styles. The murals painting which can be seen frequently together with the columns and figures of gods and mythological creatures transformed the interior space and garden in idyllic worlds.

Between our collection there are also some picturesque topics of their palaces, as well as all decorative elements in sculpture and pedestals, which can very well re give a suggestive environment. We invite you to this purpose.


Frescos-pompeya_1.jpg        Frescos-pompeya_2.JPG       fauno-pompeya_3.JPG


Fauno.jpg   decoracion-Pompeya.jpg   decoracion-Roma-antigua.jpg


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