The Beginnings

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The Beginnings

To begin to write this blog is the responding to the natural interest in sharing ideas, experiences, and these things that in a moment draw our attention, we like and we think that maybe there's someone else interested or motivated in it.

And also, at one time, what is now as decorarconarte.com, was born, from the personal love for art, for the secret beauty of nature and the fascinating history of the humaniti. From all this emerged the idea of ​​creating a museum of reproductions (must bereproductions to be in my reach) that gather Greece, Rome, Egypt, America, Middle East, etc. A small museum shop where the exhibits were sold.

And so was born a small establishment in Malaga who then grew up and was reaching popularity.

Since then there have been various stages, I have seen much evolve around me the world of art and decoration. Now I think every day is more important to have decorarconarte.com, it is a haven for those souls sensitive for the beautiful and they want to build a bridge between yesterday and tomorrow, bringing a touch of inspiration in this.

Miguel Angel Padilla

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