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The ornamental bas relief

It is hard to find elements for decoration that reflects our personality and preferences when the most of the decoration market is standardized.

However, the suggestions open that we offer in decorarconarte (Decorating with art), a world full of possibilities at the decorating to leave a special impression of us in the personal environment or work space.


So get the environment if we place a bas-relief on the wall, life and protagonism.

The ascending power of the different existing threads, Greek or Roman, Assyrian or Persian, Egyptian, Medieval bas-reliefs is able to create a very special and pleasant environment and atmosphere in the studio.

The polychrome (multi-colored) reliefs from the Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau look nice and cheerful. Special annotation have the bas-reliefs of the reproductions from the paintings of the brilliant painter Klimt.

It is a matter of the imagination but the creative and decorative possibilities of the bas-reliefs are gigantic and we encourage you to use them. Surely you will like it.




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