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Medieval clocks. 15th century

Medieval clocks. 15th century

Reproductions of 15th century medieval clocks of excellent quality made after models of the first mechanical clocks of the 15th century.

They function identically to Gothic clocks. They are made by expert watchmakers. These clocks have the same mechanical systems, and are built with the same materials and techniques as those used at the time.

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Thanks to the care and attention that they receive, these clocks have an authentic medieval character: the teeth of the royal, crown and hourglass wheels have a lot of depth; this is intended to imitate the original wheels on which, with a file, the teeth were carved one by one. Wedges or cotters have been used to fix the iron frame, and there are no screws. Their appearance has been achieved thanks to a complex ageing process of the pieces, both in the iron and the wooden models.

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