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Winged foot patinated in bronze. Fragment of Hermes. 22 cm.

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Sculpture of a winged foot patinated in bronze, a high-quality decorative figure made from molded marble (marble dust bound with resins). Finished with a patina of imitation aged bronze, giving it the appearance of a sculpture enhanced by the passage of time.

Measurements: Height: 22 cm. Width: 22 cm. Depth: 13 cm.

Approximate weight: 3 kg.

Winged foot patinated in bronze, a sculpture of unique beauty ideal for decoration or as a distinguished gift. The piece we offer has a special elegance and delicacy, expressed in its lines.

Reproductions of sculptures inspired by original pieces from museums. Classical art. Handmade in Spain. This figure has a magnificent presence for interior decoration (living rooms, lobbies, libraries, and offices). It is not suitable for outdoor use.

Reproduction of a sculpture based on a recreation of the foot from the famous statue of Hermes (Mercury) in bronze by Giovanni da Bologna, 1580 (Louvre Museum).

The winged feet symbolize, among other things, imagination and an agile mind, as well as the ability to move lightly over things and events, without being trapped by them. Hermes, the messenger of the gods, represents communication that builds bridges between people and with the invisible world.

Reproductions of ancient, Renaissance, and Baroque art, like this sculpture of Hermes’ winged foot, are durable and versatile decorative elements, capable of blending with all types of styles, from the most classical to contemporary art and design.

When incorporating reproductions of sculptures into interior decoration, it is important to consider factors such as the size of the figures in relation to the spaces they will occupy, the lighting, and their arrangement concerning other decorative elements in the chosen space.

These works of art can be placed on pedestals, niches, tables, or shelves, becoming focal points that attract attention, adding an artistic touch to home decor, and creating a unique and evocative atmosphere.


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